WFH & dog-friendly offices

These are the perks jobseekers want most right now

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Remote roles, dog-friendly offices and part-time work are among the most in-demand perks currently being sought by jobseekers, new research has revealed.

Flexa Careers, a global directory for flexible work opportunities, has launched a new Flexible Working Index, which will release monthly insights looking at the areas jobseekers are prioritising when it comes to flexible work.

The most recent index data has highlighted a rise in demand for fully-remote roles in July. The index, which is compiled using data from Flexa Careers, the global directory for verified flexible companies, tracks what job hunters are looking for when it comes to their ideal working location, hours and benefits.

Over the course of July, the platform analysed over 36,000 user searches to uncover exactly what people are prioritising when it comes to new roles and companies.

More people want fully-remote roles

In July, there was an uplift in demand for full-remote roles. 18% more users expressed a preference for roles which offered year-round remote work when signing up to the platform in July 2022, compared to June 2022.

During the same period, there was also a huge 84% spike in the number of fully-remote roles being listed by employers – the highest monthly uplift in 2022 to date.

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