How to find a boss you WANT to work for

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As the age-old adage goes, ‘people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers’, but what does this mean?

It means that whilst the daily function of your job may be your dream profession, a bad boss can effectively render an otherwise good position completely unsustainable. Micromanagement, constant change, unstable behaviours, changing projects, chastising workers, demanding longer hours and constantly assuming the worst of employees are just some of the elements (often, many are at play at once) that result in high turnover and, therefore, a lack of experienced workers and company knowledge.

And whilst circumstantially most workers will have had at least some experience of a bad boss, many studies have evidenced the negative effects of a bad boss. Gallup’s Chief Scientist of Workplace Management and Wellbeing, James Harter PhD stated that 75% of resignations in the UK are down to the boss. 

“Finding a boss you respect and who will respect you is critical for your career success. Otherwise, it can – and often will – lead to uncomfortable situations and toxic environments. Ultimately it just won't work,” Lori Scherwin, Founder of coaching firm Strategize That, told Monster. “You want someone who will actively develop you and cares about your career, not just what you will do for them.” 

So, what can you do to ensure that you’re working for a boss that you like? Click here to find out